To support, review, and promote exceptional charities and organizations, and to help encourage, educate, and enlighten generous donors.
To support, review, and promoteexceptional charities and organizations,and to help encourage, educate,and enlighten generous donors.

Veterans helping veterans

    This great organization was brought to the news by two Army Rangers from Colorado who are currently making their way across the United States as “vagrants”, relying almost completely on the kindness of strangers to reach their goal and complete their trek.

They want to raise awareness and support for this organization, whose goal is to reduce homelessness, suicide, and unemployment among veterans. Check out that article here.


There are many ways you can help.

If you are a veteran, sign up to mentor another veteran in your hometown.

If you are not a veteran, we still need business expertise to coach and mentor veterans.

We need everyone to help us raise the funds to increase our capacity to serve.

Starving Artists Project



The creators of the project, Nick Zafonte and Thompson Harrell, worked with world-renowned, award-winning photographer and film director Andrew Zuckerman to capture homeless men and women adjacent to their makeshift cardboard signs, and turn the images into a collection of art to inspire change.


The collection first debuted at the Dumbo Arts Center in January, 2012. A 4-ft-tall collection cup was constructed and placed in the center of the gallery and all donations from the exhibit were given to two community organizations – the New York City Coalition Against Hunger and Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen,


Zafonte and Harrell explained to the Huffington Post: “Everyday the homeless reach out through the only means they have, scraps of cardboard and their own creativity. The problem is we don’t ever look, seeing their messages as an interruption to our day. Our mission and solution was to change the way society interprets their messages – by presenting their signs as art, allowing their own voices to inspire meaningful action.”


Via Huffington Post


See more @ Inhabitat -New York City 


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