To support, review, and promote exceptional charities and organizations, and to help encourage, educate, and enlighten generous donors.
To support, review, and promoteexceptional charities and organizations,and to help encourage, educate,and enlighten generous donors.

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I'm 27, and a graduate of South Dakota State University. I sustained a spinal cord injury I when I was 19-years old, and I know firsthand the impact that charitable organizations can have, but I also know many so-called “charitable organizations” take advantage of generous human nature and use donations irresponsibly, greedily, or downright crookedly.

My wife and I wanted to find a way to educate generous individuals about- and to promote, review, and share information about- any and all exceptional nonprofits, charities, groups, organizations, etc. that demonstrate the open-hearted, forward-thinking, and generous character we hope to propigate in our community and our world.

If there's one thing we know, it’s that the depth of human compassion will continue to amaze, benefit, and inspire long after we are gone. As we've heard many wise men say, “the only life worth living, is one lived for others.” We want to feel like we're living a full life, and we want to help others feel the same way.

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Thomas A. “Andy” and Stephanie Wager



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